What are airplants?

Airplantshop is THE webshop to buy airplants! The original name is 'Tillandsia'. Airplants distinguish themselves from other plants because they don't grow in soil. In the wild they grow on rocks (lithofyten) and on treetrunks (epifyten). They only use their roots to hold on to the rock or tree. They don't use their roots to get their nutrients, they get them through their leaves!


Are airplants easy to care for?

Yes! Airplants are really easy to care for. Airplants need three things: air, light and water. If your home offers a place with these three things, the airplants can live for years! You can give your airplants a rainwater bath one a week, shake the water out, let it dry completely and put them back in their spot.


Wat can you do with airplants?

By buying an airplant you will make your home greener. Because a lot of airplants are small they are perfect for creative decorations. Put them in a glass ball or in a pendant. You can also give airplants as a gift to family, co-workers, clients or friends. The options are endless! Visit our Instagram to view our creations.

Verzendkosten €4,95

  • Verzendkosten NL: €4,95
  • Bestellingen vanaf €35,- gratis verzending
  • Verzendkosten BE: €8,95
  • Bestellingen vanaf €50,- gratis verzending
  • Versandkosten DE: € 4,95
  • Bestellungen von € 50,- kostenlos.

- Je krijgt een (kleine) plantenspray cadeau bij bestellingen vanaf €50,-
- You will get a free plastic plant spray when the order is €50,- or higher.
- Sie erhalten ein (kleines) Pflanzenspray zum Verschenken ab € 50,-


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